Easy delicious fried oysters recipe ( the big easy chef )

Recipe Needed:

fresh oysters 

4 cups of bread flour 

1/4 cup baking powder 

1 cup of egg whites 

oil ( prefer vegetable )


mix the 4 cups of flour with the 1/4 cup 

baking power 

then take 1 1/2 cup of the flour mixture &

put in plastic bag or ziplock 


drain oysters do not rinse

place a few oysters at a time in flour mix

plastic bag then

give a good shake 

then take out oysters and dip in 

egg whites on all sides

then place oysters on the plate with 

flour mixture coat all sides 

place coated oysters on a plate and 

allow oysters to set for 5 minutes 

before cooking 

heat oil till hot or 330 degrees fahrenheit

place oysters into hot oil cook for 

3 minutes then turn them over 

then cook for another 2 minutes 

then take oysters out of oil 

place on rack or paper towels to drain 

eat them with tartar or hot sauce