Delicious guava juice recipe ( sheba yemeni foods )

Recipe Needed:

3 ripe guavas ( inside pink or white )

1/3 cup sugar optional 

depending on how sweet fruit is 

4 cups of cold water


peel off green skin of guavas

with knife chop into small pieces

place guava into blender & add 

sugar & 4 cups of water 

if guava is sweet you may not need

to add sugar 


blend all together for about 

30 seconds in blender on pulse 

dont blend to long so seeds dont 

get grounded up 


then pour juice through a sieve 

place another container underneath

to catch the guava juice 

move a spoon around in the sieve to get

the guava through and get out the seeds 


you can serve immediately

or fridge for a couple hours 

or a day or two