Susi yemeni fattah with eggs and milk ( sheba yemeni food )

Recipe Needed:

I like to think of Susi as a Yemeni version of French toast casserole. It has all the ingredients you need for french toast - bread, eggs, milk, butter. The only difference if that is it made with flatbread and it is usually served savory not sweet. But Ill let you know I couldnt resist trying some with a little bit of honey on top and it was soo good. This dish makes a nice easy breakfast or a filling suhoor dish. It is also served at lunch alongside the usual lunch dishes. Susi is a kind of Fattah, which means a bread dish mixed with something else. There are many kinds of fatahs, such as with dates, meat, or banana, yogurt, milk etc. And they can be sweet or savory.


About 2 medium flatbreads (see here for the recipe I used, the only difference was I made with 1/2 whole wheat flour)
3 eggs
1 2/3 cup milk
1/4 cup butter melted
salt to taste
black seeds

How to make

1.       Lightly grease a shallow dish on all sides. Preheat oven to 400 F.
2.       Break up the bread into small or medium sized pieces into the dish.
3.       Lightly beat the eggs then add to the milk. Mix in salt to taste and about half of the melted butter (2 tablespoons).
4.       Pour the egg mixture over the bread. Let it soak for about 2-5 minutes. If all of the liquid gets absorbed you can add more milk. Then sprinkle on the black seeds and bake in preheated oven for about 20 minutes or until it is nearly cooked through. Then I turned the broiler on and cooked it for about 2-5 minutes under the broiler to brown the top and cook it through. BE CAREFUL during this step as the broiler will burn it quickly if it is too close or stay in there too long. And also you may need to adjust the cooking time depending on the size dish you are using. A deeper dish will require more cooking time at 400 F. Test by cutting a small opening in the middle of the dish.
5.       Remove from the oven and pour on the rest of the butter. Serve while hot.