Yemeni style fried KING FISH recipe ( spanish mackerel )

Recipe Needed: 

kingfish / spanish mackerel

lime, salt, olive oil, 

1 tbsp of cumin 

1 tbsp of paprika 

1/2 tbsp of black pepper

hot pepper powder 

garlic powder

onion powder



clean the fish with water and lime then

dry it 

sprinkle a bit of salt & black pepper

on both sides 

place the fish in the fridge and start

preparing the spice mixture 


1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp paprika 

1/2 tbsp of garlic powder 

1/2 tbsp of black pepper 

1/2 tbsp of hot pepper powder 

1/2 tbsp of onion powder 

1/2 tbsp of salt 

1/2 tbsp of turmeric 

mix all together


fry the fish in hot oil make sure 

golden brown on each side 

once golden brown take out of oil 

set on plate and sprinkle each side with

the spices 

serve on plate with rice 

finally add lime juice on fish