Invocation for the bereaved


162. 'Inna lillaahi maa 'akhatha, wa lahu maa 'a'taa, wa kullu shay'in 'indahu bi'ajalin musamman . . . faltasbir waltahtasib .

Surely , Allah takes what is His , and what He gives is His , and to all things He has appointed a time ... so have patience and be rewarded.1

also good to say: 'A'dhamallaahu 'ajraka, wa 'ahsana 'azaa'aka wa ghafara limayyitika.

May Allah magnify your reward, and make perfect your bereavement, and forgive your departed.2

1 Al-Bukhari 2/80, Muslim 2/636.
2An-Nawawi, Kitabul-'Athkar, p. 126.