Invocation for visiting the graves


165. Assalaamu 'alaykum 'ahlad-diyaari, minal-mu'mineena walmuslimeena, wa 'innaa 'in shaa' Allaahu bikum laahiqoona [wa yarhamullaahul-mustaqdimeena minnaa walmusta'khireena] 'as'alullaaha lanaa wa lakumul- 'aafiyata.

Peace be upon you, people of this abode, from among the believers and those who are Muslims , and we , by the Will of Allah , shall be joining you . [May Allah have mercy on the first of us and the last of us] I ask Allah to grant us and you strength.

Reference: Muslim 2/671, Ibn Majah 1/494, the portion brackets is from Muslim 2/671.